The #1 Norwalk CA Plumbing Service

our Norwalk CA Plumbing service does complete drain systems maintenanceWant a surefire way to need emergency plumbing service? Ignore your plumbing system completely and it'll make you stand up and take notice within a couple of years. The sad truth is, most people never think about using a preventative maintenance service and most plumbers don't suggest it because they can charge so much more for emergency services. We're not that type of company. Our Norwalk CA plumbing service would rather stop you from having to shell out thousands of dollars for something that could have been prevented for a hundred.

Our preventative maintenance team uses the latest in plumbing technology to help diagnose and repair all of the problems in your plumbing system. This makes the process far faster and less destructive than it used to be resulting in lower costs for you. Our comprehensive inspections include:

Water Heaters:

  • Check thermostat and elements on your electric heaterwe are water heater repair experts
  • Inspect burner and gas valve for flame and soot
  • Draft test at the flue of a gas heater
  • Clean air intake (gas heaters)
  • T&P valve check
  • Leak check along the exterior of the tank
  • Water temperature check

Kitchen and Bath:

  • Inspect faucet for leakswe do comprehensive kitchen repairs
  • Check faucet to deck connection
  • Check under the sink for signs of leaks
  • Air gap inspection
  • Check shut off valvesour Norwalk CA service installs new garbage disposals
  • Inspect garbage disposal for proper operation
  • Clean aerator for improved water pressure

Tubs and Showers:

  • Drain check  
  • Check shower head for low water pressure and We install low flow and water saver fixturesflow
  • Check tub stoppers

Vanities and Sinks:

  • Drain check
  • Faucet leak check
  • J-Trap check
  • Inspect all joints and connections for signs of leakage


  • Inspect areas around the toilet for signs of leakingwe do toilet repairs
  • Check for rocking toilet
  • Check shut off valve  
  • Check fill valve and flapper lever
  • Toilet dye leak check

Miscellaneous:we install tankless water heaters

  • Check washing machine hoses for leaks
  • Tag all shut off valves
  • Check gas system to determine if any active leaks exist
  • Check water softener lines and tank